History of Ducati

In the world of motorcycles a few company has left its mark on the world like Ducati. It’s a name which evokes speed and sheer engineering. So how did this all begin? Let us talk about the history of Ducati- a bike manufacturing company that changed the way we see motorcycles.

In 1926, the company was started by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his three sons: Adriano, Marcelo, and Bruno.  It all began as a manufacturer of small radio components and vacuum tubes etc.  The company endured a lot of attacks during the World War 2, nevertheless the production didn’t stop.

It was not until 1950 that Ducati started manufacturing bikes. The first bikes, they manufactured were “Cucciolo”- based motorcycles due to its increasing popularity. This is where the racing time of Ducati began. It created many records the Cucciolo motorized bicycles factory racers tournament. The first ever Ducati bike had 48 CC, weighted 98 pounds and had a stop speed of 40mph.  The world slowly moved towards larger bikes from that point- and on 1952 motor show Ducati introduced its new creation:65TS cycle and cruiser. It was labeled as the most interesting machine of the show-however-this bike didn’t do well in the market.

In 1953, the company was divided in to two sections. Dr. Giuseppe Montano took control of one of the sections which specialized in motorcycles. By 1954, with the help of the government, the Ducati production rate greatly increased. The first step stone of success came to Ducati with the production of the fastest motorcycle of its time: a 250cc road bike. It was released around the 1960’s and placed Ducati in the pages of history. As years passed, the company was producing V-twin engine bikes with their very own trademarked desdrodomic valve. A change of ownership again took place in 1985 when it was bought by Cagiva. Throughout the years, many companies purchased Ducati. Today it is owned by Audi automobile manufacturer, through their Italian subsidiary Lamborghini.

Fabio Taglioni was the chief designer of most Ducati bikes. With the passage of time Ducati truly evolved and established itself as a unique manufacturer of fast bikes. The company has an amazing racing history, bagging over 14 rider’s world championships and 17 manufacturer’s world championships. The first ever world title won by Ducati was the TT formula one world championship.   In 1993 they conquered the AMA championship with Dough Polen. In fact, Ducati won a first place in the second AMA championship which gives it an extremely rich racing history.

Whether you are a fan of bikes or not; Ducati is definitely a brand that will amaze you with its great history and the quality it puts in its bikes. Ducati has become a symbol of luxury super bikes and the years of experience in the bike industry is the reason. What started out as 48CC bike making company today has net worth of 1.12 billion US dollar and makes bikes of 1198 CC. The evolution of this outstanding bike maker is truly flabbergasting.

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