History of Ford

Over the years, Ford has established itself as one of the most successful automobile brand. Are you curious to know how this legendary car manufacturing brand started? If so, then this article is just for you.

On June 16th, 1903 Henry Ford started this automobile company which would go on to become the one of the greatest and most profitable companies of all time. However, Henry Ford had built his first automobile, called quadricycle, at his home in Detroit in 1896. This invention was the stepping stone to a billion dollar company.  The first company that he started was called Detroit Automobile Company, although it was dissolved two years later. Henry Ford saw gradual but mass prosperity very soon- in 1903 Ford was incorporated with 12 investors owning 1000 shares-of which the infamous Dodge brothers had 100 shares (50 each).  At the beginning, John S Gray was elected president of the company-though Ford and Couzen were the only board members who worked full time. The company faced legal wars early in its development-however-charges were dropped by 1911.

The first assembled car was Ford Model A (1903). The model K which was Ford’s first six cylinder model, also known as the ‘gentleman’s roadster” was a great success. The company expanded greatly over the course of a few years and pioneered at many fields of automobile. Ford was globalizing by 1911, and it was soon the producer of 50% of the cars in US. Henry Ford was appraised greatly by the Wall Street Journal for his policy to handsomely pay his workers such that they can buy the product they made.

On February 4th 1922, Ford entered the luxury cars market by buying the company: Lincoln-which was established in 1917 honoring Abraham Lincoln. Soon followed the great depression, Ford’s action were very similar to other companies: they reduced the amount of workers, and lowered production. However, they stayed operational throughout the time period. In 1931, an agreement was signed where the Soviets would buy 13 million dollars, worth of automobile from Ford.

One of the greatest changes in the Ford came during the Second World War. Although Ford supported no wars, he was afraid that the Germans would nationalize the Ford factories in German. He managed to keep good relations whatsoever. The peace keeping concept of Henry Ford changed after the Pearl Harbor. A staggering 390,000 tanks and trucks, 27,000 engines, 270,000 Jeeps, over 8000 B-24 Liberators, and hundreds of thousands of parts, gun mounts, and machine tools were produced by the company for the War effort.

Henry Ford died of brain hemorrhage on April 7, 1947. His death was a tragic new for the world, and it was mourned globally. The legacy that Henry Ford left behind kept on expanding, and Ford made many models of vehicles afterwards. The most notable are Ford Mustang, Ford Taurus etc.  Ford soon became a public incorporated company where Ford family held about a small percentage of share.

Over the years , Ford has set has many records in racing too; take for example: Ford 999, driven by Oldfield, lapped the Indiana Fairgrounds dirt track at a then-record 60 mph at 1903. The company has also seen many days where it was pushed to the brink of closing-nevertheless- the company is still strives today. It has great debt to pay off to recover from the losses it made in the recent year, however, Ford is and will always be the company that revolutionized the auto-mobile industry.

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